My morning routine for Alignment and Flow

Alignment is our natural state as humanoids. Its when our energy is an exact match to the energetic vibration of the Universe, and it's pretty freaking awesome. Flow is like the cosmic love child after your soul gets jiggy with the energy of the Universe at a Grateful Dead concert in the summer of '69. Great year. 

Being in flow and alignment every day starts the first thing you wake up and you can bet your sweet cheeks it all banks on a well crafted morning routine. How you spend the first few hours of your morning will create a ripple effect throughout your day and the energy you put out. If you want to be glowing and beaming with the highest vibes possible, then create positive habits that start first thing you open those gorgeous eyes of yours.  

How do you typically feel through your day? Do you feel stressed out and tired? Emotionally drained? On edge? There are so many different ways to tell if you are out of alignment and they are usually prefaced with a negative emotion or emotions. Dun dun duuunnn! Now that you've reflected upon how you typically feel during your day, take a look back at how you start your mornings. Do you wake up tired? Are you rushed? Do watch videos of goats wearing pajamas? Do you even eat breakfast?

I want to share with you my morning routine that I do nearly every single day that helps keep me feeling aligned and in flow. To start, you may have heard that the minicomputer we all love shouldn’t even be touched for the first few hours upon waking and I have to agree. Stay away from your emails, messages, and social media people, as that can often lead to uneasy feelings far too early in the morning. But I will say, in some cases, looking at your socials might put you in alignment so this one is up to you. Take Jess Lively from The Lively Show for example. She mentioned in her podcast once, that she has created her social media to only expose her to people, places and things that make her feel really good and aligned. So, for her, looking at Instagram first thing in the morning isn’t going to make her feel bad, insecure or anxious as it can for most of us.

But, I know for me, I get too distracted from my socials so it doesn't work for me no matter how positive I make my Instagram feed. And I have had total meltdowns from an email before, like ugly crying Kim K. style, so it’s best for me to leave that stuff to later when I’m more in-tune with my Inner Being and can handle situations better, and not like an unfed toddler.

What I do are a few specific things that help me find my special place of flow and get into alignment so that I can radiate at my highest vibration for the day. Alignment first then action, otherwise you could have a hard time doing what you do passionately if your flow is low. This isn’t a one size fits all recipe. I believe alignment can be very personal, so do what makes you feel the best you can feel, what makes you feel joy and what feels light and fun. In the meantime, check out my morning routine. Feel free to use this one until you create your own or use bits and pieces that resonate with you.

  1. After waking up, I make the bed. For me, making my bed right away sets a message that I’m ready to get stuff done. It’s a simple task but definitely sends out a good vibration that I am willing to do the work, no matter how hard or simple. Kind of like the first bit of snow in a snowball effect.

  2. I meditate for about 15 to 20 minutes. Now, what's important here is to actually do the work. I’ve caught myself redecorating our home on Pinterest in my head numerous times. If you’re just sitting then imagining what dress you would wear to The Met Gala, no work is actually being done and it can be a waste of time. Get in there, dig deep, and connect to yourself. It’s hard work and sometimes not-so-fun stuff comes up, but with a little bit of practice, you can connect to your intuition, clear your mind and be on this magical wavelength for the day. Keep at it, practice does make perfect. Also, I use the app Insight Timer, which has been super helpful. It times your meditations for you and rings a nice zen bell when it's done. Ding!

  3. I pull a card from Gabby Bernstein's card deck, The Universe Has Your Back. This is another small way that I connect to my inner being, using tarot intuition. I freaking love this deck, it's filled with beautiful messages and positive words of wisdom. Typically I’ll ask something simple, like “what message should I be receiving today?” Other times, I’ll have something on my mind and ask a question in regards to that. Its light and fun and always makes me feel good after.

  4. A yoga flow and some stretching to wake my body up. Get that body moving and create some energy, movement has the power to change your frame of mind. I’ll do a few sun salutations, a full on yoga flow or simply pull out the foam roller. Sometimes I put on Brintey Spears' toxic and try to learn the choreography, whatever floats your beautiful boat. If I’m having a really sleepy morning, I'll stretch in my bed like a beautiful lazy sloth. 

  5. Drink tea and spend time with Aaron before he leaves for work. Basically, I watch him eat breakfast like a creep but it feels special to spend some time with him before we separate for the day. And lots of hugging when he leaves. Hugs are important.

  6. Write five pages of appreciation. This one will freak some people out. I’m sure you’ve all heard of something like of write down three to five things you're grateful for first thing in the morning. Well, how about 5 pages (double-spaced, of course, I’m not crazy) of what you appreciate? I’ve done the gratitude journal for years. I would wake up and write down a few things I'm grateful for, and it felt nice, It does have amazing benefits, don't get me wrong. But this! You have to go really deep to get to those five pages done. And “appreciate” encompasses gratitude plus a little bit more which I adore. I’ve learned to really love that word, appreciate. Write down what you appreciate in life, in yourself, in others.  This magic alignment trick came from Abraham Hicks. If you haven’t heard of her/them, look them up!  

I do not lie when I say writing pages and pages of appreciation will change your life. My heart is always overflowing with so much joy after I do this. Now, I want to note that it usually takes me about 20-30 minutes to do this and what I gather from Jess Lively, it's more about the time spent on this than the number of pages. Most days I aim for five pages and get to about three, but I always spend about 20 minutes. So, take a breath and don't put too much pressure on yourself, it should be fun and done with ease.

For me, this exercise is life-changing and the number one thing I do to get into flow and alignment. It really puts me in such a high vibrational place. I’m sure most of you are screaming that you don’t have 20 minutes every day to do this. I get that, you may have to work really early or take the kids to school, walk your hamster, make breakfast, not lose your mind. But just try it out for one week, make a devotion to yourself and your well being for seven days. Aim for as much time as possible and as many pages as possible and see how you change and how your surroundings change. I promise the effects will be very powerful.

And that’s all folks! That’s my daily morning routine to get into flow. I know adding a routine to your morning can be daunting, but you won't know till you try it, so give it a whirl even just for a few days and see how you feel.

I also want to point out that I’m weird when it comes to routines and maybe this will resonate with some of you. I like having them and use them most of the time, but some days I wake up and don’t want to have any sort of routine at all. (It’s the Sagittarius in me) On these days, I do what feels best, what will bring me the most joy. Take today, for example, I woke up, did steps 1,2,3, and 5 and then just laid on my couch with my tea and read a book for a bit. I didn’t do any movement and didn’t get to my appreciation pages till I went to a coffee shop later with my laptop.

Just do what works best for you. When you begin creating your own morning routine, choose the activities that will make you happy and that you can do with ease. And always keep one question in mind; what will bring me the most joy?



Is there flow?

*My friend gave me permission to share this story...

A few months back I had plans to meet up with a girlfriend for coffee. We have this ritual where we like to drive to new cities and visit new coffee shops. We’ll drive up to an hour away, it’s really about experiencing something new and having an adventure together while doing something as simple as getting coffee.

Now, this friend of mine is pure sunshine. She is always incredibly positive and smiley and happy. She is really great energy to be around.

On this particular day, she came to my house to pick me up and when I got into her car, I noticed there was some heavy energy hanging in there. At the time, I couldn't tell if it was me or her. She went out the night before, so I assumed she may be a little hungover, which is totally fine, and that was the energy I was experiencing. So, away we went on our 35-minute drive to a quaint little coffee shop she had seen on Instagram. 

The drive was fine enough as we chatted away and caught up on each other's lives. But, then things changed. My sweet friend had the directions going on her phone and it took us to the wrong location. Ok, no biggy. We're adults, we can handle this. Checking the address, she re-entered it into her phone and off we went again, only to have it take us to another wrong location. This went on for a bit. At one point, the phone was navigating us in complete circles in a neighborhood far from where we thought the coffee shop was. All the maps app showed was the blue navigating line forming a  complete square around the block of this random neighborhood with the correct address punched in. If there ever was a sign from the Universe this was it.

As we approached an hour of driving with no luck with our destination, I resentfully plugged the address into my phone, cursing technology, and we were taken back onto the correct course. We finally made it the coffee shop, 45 minutes late, only now there was no parking. It was a Sunday and the coffee shop was near a farmer's market. Y'all know how hectic a farmer's market can get on Sunday, those health conscious can be ruthless.

Frustrations arose as we spent another 20 minutes driving in more circles looking for a parking spot. I finally caved in, and said out loud there clearly isn’t flow here, mustering a slight chuckle under my grievance. So, we left. After spending over an hour looking for this place, we just turned around and headed home. On the drive back, I kept thinking about what had just happened. There was zero flow for such a simple task like getting coffee in a new city. My intuition told me to check in on my friend.

What poured out of her was dissatisfactions surrounding her job she didn’t feel appreciated at and a past failed relationship she wishes had succeeded. This entire trip made perfect sense now to me. My sweet friend was stuck in a rut and couldn't see a way out, and her phone was taking us in physical and metaphorical circles, a reflection of the energy she had within.

I saw it as the most perfect sign from the Universe that something needed to change. We talked through her troubles together, and to this day, I still can’t get over how that morning was a perfect example of flow or lack thereof.

Most people may refer to flow as a state of mind where you’re completely in the groove and time seems to slip away because you’re so happily focused on whatever it is you’re doing. This is true. I’ve had days where I was in the flow and got everything I needed done and felt amazing. But, I also like to refer to flow as a guiding compass from the Universe. When I’m in a situation or trying to achieve something and I feel resistance or force, I ask myself is there flow?

Usually just having to ask means no, then I take the opportunity at that moment to reflect why there isn't flow and what is really going on. An easy example is when you’re in a rush and you stub your toe, then you break a glass then you lose your cars keys. There isn’t flow because the Universe, Source, your Inner Being is telling you to slow down and usually for a good reason.

Had I been in my friend shoes and my maps was taking me in physical and metaphorical circles, going nowhere fast, I would have stopped and asked is there flow? What can I take away from this situation? What is this experience trying to show me? Because really, your external world is a reflection of your internal world and in the case of my sweet friend, her internal world was a maze with no escape, or at least emotionally that's how it felt for her.

That’s how I like use flow, as navigating guide for day-to-day life. And it doesn’t have to focus on what's not working, it's a helpful indicator, but it’s also great to use when things are feeling really good. When I met my partner last year, I was amazed by how much flow I felt with him. Everything was so effortless, there was this knowingness about our relationship right away that couldn't be ignored. I also felt immense flow starting my own business and knew I was on the right track but how much ease and joy I felt. I can feel flow with certain people and places, like moving to Australia. Once I decided to do that, I knew I was aligned with my Inner Being because the flow was endless.

Give it a try, moment to moment, ask yourself, is there flow? If there is, keep moving forward. if not, then see what needs to be changed. Remember, flow is like a compass from the Universe, it’s there to help you, support you and guide you.

**Update: My friend got a new job that she loves and is currently dating a nice boy