5 Ways to Reduce Anxiety Naturally

Anxiety is about as fun as a basket of wasps.

It’s a B-I-T-C-H and makes me feel like S-H-I-T. There I said it and I meant it.

I woke up today not feeling my best. I felt off, restless and all around not well. I’ve been practicing more mindfulness with my emotions and my emotional intelligence on a daily basis. So, when I felt bad this morning, I was able to quickly realize it was just my anxiety.

Oh, hey there old friend…

I am grateful for my awareness of my anxiety when it surfaces. I love that I can be a watcher of my emotions and handle them peacefully instead of reacting to them like an unfed toddler.

That doesn’t change the fact that when an emotion like anxiety surfaces, you still feel it. You may be strong enough to not react but it still feels uncomfortable.

I decided to share with you the top 5 ways I reduce my anxiety naturally.

Let me state that these are simply tools for you to use and I am not a doctor. They can be used all at once to relieve an anxiety episode or one at time, whichever works for you. But, basically this is everything I do to reduce my anxiety when I can and come back to the present moment.

5 Ways to Reduce Anxiety Naturally

  1. Become the Watcher of Your Emotions

    Practice becoming the observer of your emotions that arise. The moment you recognize an emotion like anxiety has come up, immediately stop what you are doing and say how you feel in your head or out loud.

    You could say “I feel very anxious right now.” or “I have anxiety.” This works for other emotional circumstances too like when you feel sad or angry.

    By recognizing your emotional state and calling it out, you’re taking the power back. This might not make the feeling or emotion go away but it can help dissipate it. You’re in control now because you know exactly what is going on internally. Now, your thoughts and actions can stem from a place of intent and purpose instead of a reactive place clouded by emotional fog.

  2. Use Your Breath

    After you recognize your emotional state, I want you to breathe. Have you ever wondered why it is so common to tell someone to breathe when they are stressed or upset? Its because our breath connects us to our life source.

    How is your breath when you have anxiety? Usually shallow and fast?

    Take a deep breath in and imagine it is flowing to every inch of your body, feeding every single cell. Use your breath to connect to your Inner being and find the peace within.

    Next time you feel your anxiety coming to surface I want you to use this breathing technique:

    Inhale through your nose slowly and deeply for a count of four. Pause at the top of your breath, holding again for a count of four. Then release slowly out your mouth for another count of four. Repeat this 3-5 times or as many times as it is needed.

    Our breath is amazing and important tool, use it and abuse it. Get comfortable with connecting to your breath regularly and bring more mindfulness into your life.

  3. Accept That You are Anxious

    This isn’t a fun one but it’s necessary. Sometimes the only option is to accept exactly where you are, negative emotional state and all. Sometimes there is nothing we can do but welcome our anxiety instead of fighting it.

    You can use a mantra or affirmation like “I accept my anxiety and welcome feeling better soon.” or “I accept exactly where I am in this present moment.” There’s no reason for you to suffer, but forcing or resisting may lead to more suffering. Accept where you are emotionally as if it is your choice. This, again, gives you the power back.

  4. Use Movement to Find The Present Moment

    I know some of you may suffer from some really debilitating anxiety attacks and doing something as simple as taking a walk might sound ridiculous. But this is all about releasing resistance.

    When I deal with something like anxiety, its hard to do anything else. I usually feel like giving up and watching TV all day because my brain has convinced me that nothing else will feel better. So, I go for a walk.

    Training yourself to go for a walk is just as much about feeling better as it is about controlling your mind in a time of emotional instability when the mind may feel weak and listless. If taking a walk can make you feel even smidge better then you have won. This is about becoming the master of your mind, and doing something simple where you can have a small win.

  5. Meditate. Meditate. Meditate.

    We knew this was coming, right?

    Meditating is all about releasing resistance, quieting the mind and becoming present. Sounds like the exact opposite of anxiety to me.

    You only need a few minutes of meditating to feel the results. Do whatever you can to find a quiet place to meditate and find your calm. Focus on your breath. Release any negative or limiting thoughts. Come back to yourself. The purpose of meditating is to master the mind. Create a meditation practice and see how your life changes.

And there you go! Those are the top tools and actions I take to help alleviate my anxiety. I hope this helps you even just a little bit and you are able to find some release. Enjoy <3

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