You are Not Being Punished

About a year ago, I was preparing for my big move to Australia and this meant figuring out how to fit my entire life into two suitcases and getting rid of ALL the things. I was Marie Kondo-ing the shit out of my house before miss Kondo was hashtag trending.

I was a usual at our local Goodwill and the stuff that “didn’t bring me joy” was selling quicker than a celebrity kidney on the dark web. (thank you Craigslist humans)

One of the final things I had to sell was my van, which I was expecting to get a few grand for as a way to pay for my flights.

Then it broke down.

I remember sitting in my van and crying out very melodramatically “why does god hate me?!”

Of course, God or anyone hanging out in the stars doesn’t hate me, but I felt like I was being punished.

“This isn’t fair” crossed my mind a hundred times during that week. My pity party was raging and I had all access, baby.

SO…here’s what I learned from the events that followed…

  1. To fix my car, I put it on my credit card. This made me realize that I am le tired of having dept.

  2. Being over my debt made me face the fact that I could and SHOULD be making more money.

  3. This fact alone made me realize that I am not working in a job that lights my effing soul on fire.

  4. Time to figure what I want to be when I grow up. ( at the tender age of 30)

  5. Starts own business that is soul centered and helps me live with financial authenticity as my highest, most bestest self.

Final thoughts…

It’s not the end of the world even when it feels like everything is turning into dust around you. This whole process didn’t happen over night, that would be some kind of wizardry. But, it was very important and necessary process for my growth as that experience had me face a ton of my shadow and fears.

Also, my purpose did lie in those experiences, as it usually does. It was as if the Universe had been yelling “wake the frick up chelsea” the whole time while I kept peacefully yet ignorantly sleeping. Clearly the Uni had to take bigger, scarier action, but I’m woke now, thanks U.

Story to my point, the Universe never punishes you. You are not being punished, you are being shaken to your core to get back on the right path. Look for the gifts within the pain, they are always there waiting for you to discover them.

Love you earthlings