Greetings Earthlings...

I'm so happy your intuition led you here! 

I began my journey of spirituality and wellness back in college when I was studying Fine Art, Photography at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles. 

I was a club kid and art student, crippled by the need to express and explore myself. Hello, existentialism! It was during this time that I began doing yoga, meditation, and experimenting with elements of the spiritual community, like hippie drum circles on a full moon.   

I've spent years exploring my own spirituality, but never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I would end up here, guiding people on their own path.   

I currently reside in Australia, but was born and raised in Costa Mesa, California. I have a natural affection for the earth, adventure and the ocean. Outside of yoga and alignment fun, I enjoy surfing, surf photography and googling videos of baby animals.

As far as titles go, you can say I'm an alignment advisor, 200Hr Yoga Alliance Certified yoga instructor and meditation student with a passion and love for all beings. 

May your life be filled with more joy.