Greetings Earthlings...

Oh, hi friends! My name is Chelsea jeheber and I empower women (perhaps some men, you out there?) to access their Inner Being and align with the energy of the Universe. Together, we create powerful energetic shifts using intuition, alignment, spirituality, and manifestation. My goal is to teach others how thrive using intuition so they can live from a place of authenticity, joy, and purpose.

My site is intended for anyone who knows they have the power to radically change their lives and I show them how to access that power. 

But, how did I get here, you ask?

I created my business out of thin air and it came to me like a force to be reckoned with. Once I knew what I wanted to do, what I needed to do, I couldn't be stopped. I shifted gears so quickly my friends and family couldn't keep up, but when you take action from a place of pure authenticity, things move quickly because the entire Universe has your back. Within two months I had my spiritual advising business up and running and my purpose clear; to help those who struggle like I have. 

I teach from a personal experience, and personal life lessons. Cue in the growing pains and growing gains. 

I have walked in your shoes. Heck, I almost had to live in a shoe at one point I was so broke and broken. But through all this, my connection to my Inner Guidance system became incredibly strong and my gifts revealed. Now, I use my connection to Source to guide my clients toward their spiritual path of self-healing and self-discovery. 

Plus, I see past people's bullshit, and the false stories they tell themselves because it's more "comfortable" that way.  What can I say, it's a gift.

I've spent years exploring my own spirituality; yoga, meditation, sounds baths, hippie drums circles under a full moon. But never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I would end up here, guiding people down their own path. And nothing me brings me greater joy. 

I currently reside in Australia, but was born and raised in Costa Mesa, California. I have a natural affection for the earth, adventure and the ocean. Outside of yoga and alignment fun, I enjoy surfing, surf photography and googling videos of baby animals.

Thanks for stopping by my fellow humanoids. Before you go, I wanted to share with you my guided meditation if you're new to meditating or simply want to use with your practice.

It's FREE FIFTY FREE so enjoy, this one's on the house wink wink.

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