Free Stuff to Support Your Wellness Journey

I love free things, there's no greater joy in life than getting something super legit for super free. My goal is for everyone to always have access to wellness and healing, which is why I love creating free stuff for you! Use it and abuse it babes, get busy downloading ya'll.

xx chels


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The Manifesting Manual

Learn my tools and tricks that will turn you into manifesting royalty.  You have the energetic ability to create your dream life, isn't that fun?

Master the Law of Attraction, and see how your life changes! 

Secret tip: Number 6 in the manual is probably the most important aspect of this manifesting stuff!

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Chelsea's Free Guided Meditation

This free guided meditation can be used to support you as you discover the basics of meditation, presence and mindfulness.

Calm the chatter of your mind allowing you to harness the magical power of meditation and mindfulness, and bring more peace and joy into your life. Can I get an amen?


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