Chelsea is a spiritual Mentor, intuitive healer, and yoga instructor.

Sagittarius // Aquarius // Scorpio    4/1 Projector in Human Design

Sagittarius // Aquarius // Scorpio

4/1 Projector in Human Design

Greetings Earthlings...

My name is Chelsea Jeheber and I empower women to access their inner being and align with the energy of the Universe. Together, we create powerful energetic shifts by raising their self-worth and connecting to purpose using intuition and alignment. My goal is to teach others how to thrive and become their own healers so they can live from their highest potential.

My site is intended for anyone who knows they have the power to radically change their lives and live a more genuine life.

In my late teens and early to mid-twenties, I experienced extreme anxiety, body dysmorphia and self-loathing. But you wouldn't know it as I appeared totally fine and happy, like most of us can. In reality, I didn't even realize how much I was suffering at the time, ignorantly thinking I was fine and happy and that these feelings were “normal.”

To subconsciously deal with the pain, I turned to emotional eating and drinking as my form of escapism. But, my life resembled most every other young woman I encountered at the time, so I didn't do much to question my reality. There was no depth to my soul during that stage in my life and was I emotionally unstable, brimming with insecurities and completely reactive. These unmet emotions began to overflow into other parts of my life and relationships. I became needy, emotionally unstable and sincerely felt others were responsible for emotional well being.

I began to notice the destructive patterns in my life and knew these cycles needed to end. It was these very human experiences that fueled my lifelong passion with personal transformation and self-healing. I am extremely grateful I have been given the opportunity in this lifetime to create a career where I hold space for others to heal from suffering as I have so they can live in their highest potential fueled by passion and inspiration.

I currently reside in Australia but was born and raised in Costa Mesa, California. I have a natural affection for the earth, adventure, and the ocean. Outside of transformation and yoga fun, I enjoy surfing, dancing and googling videos of baby animals.

Thanks for stopping by my fellow humanoids.

Love you,