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The Everyday Flow Method is a daily tool to help you live from a place of authenticity and joy, who wouldn't want that?! (gremlins come to mind but that is beside the point)  This is the method I use everyday to help maintain my connection to Source and Inner Being, so that I go out into the world like a complete superstar. I decided it was time I share this with other humanoids so they can reap the benefits too, because I'm chill like that. 

This course is for anyone who wants to create daily habits out of flow and alignment. If you already feel pretty intuitive with yourself, your purpose and simply want to learn how to stay in that high vibrational place on a daily basis, then this workshop is for you.

If you wake up and simply begin your day without any sort of ritual or flow, without any sort of connection to the Universe, you are essentially entering the world "blind." This practice is designed to aid you in cultivating a daily practice where your words, actions and thoughts all stem from a place of purpose and alignment. 

Flow is a reflection of your energy. When you're aligned with Source, you have direct access to flow. It's like the Universe’s guiding compass for us humans and you can use this compass everyday.


In this course you'll receive..

  • Two videos
  • One day worth of workshop content
  • Five Journal prompts
  • Two guided meditations
  • Two exercise prompts

This Course is for Anyone who..

  • Lacks daily inspiration in their life
  • Feels lost and off the path
  • Feels like their days are unfulfilled
  • Lacks self-motivation
  • Feels sluggish
  • lacks purpose
  • Feels bored during the day
  • Lacks energy and vitality

What to Expect from this workshop...

This entire workshop can be done in one day. But, this practice should be done diligently 2-3 times a week for at least 3 months, to build the habit, with the end goal being an everyday practice. 

Expect to spend about 20 minutes per day that you use the method, doing the journal prompts and listening to the guided mediations. 

At the end of this course, you will have the tools and resources needed to get into flow and alignment on a daily basis. 


*This workshop does not expire.