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The Little Darkness is an 8-day workshop designed to help you work through your dark parts, understand and manage your emotional triggers, and release your fears so you can live as your most authentic self.  

Your pain-body, or what I like to call your Little Darkness, is the place where all you past pain, trauma and negative experiences is stored and let me tell you, the Little Darkness can be a real buzz kill. The body instinctually keeps a record of these painful experiences to "protect" us in the future. 

Inadvertently these fears, our shadow, end up controlling us instead of protecting us, keeping us in a place of fear instead of love and joy. Such a jerk move, am I right?. Often, we can project fears and pain onto our relationships, friendships, careers, and self-worth, ultimately destroying them. (Guilty as charged)

You will be guided to see how your fears have bruised your past experiences and how to learn from them in the future. Our pain-body may never fully disappear, but that is not the goal. This course is designed to teach you how to face your Little Darkness, how to understand and learn from it, how to manage it and own it as your own. Can I get an amen?


In this course you'll receive...

  • Eight videos
  • Eight days worth of workshop content
  • Ten Journal prompts
  • Two guided meditations
  • Eight exercise prompts


  • Is triggered easily
  • Feels their triggers sabotage their relationships
  • Knows their emotions are their responsibility
  • Lacks purpose
  • Feels anxious on a daily basis
  • Often feels angry or frustrated
  • Can't maintain healthy relationships
  • Feels insecure or unworthy


what to expect from this workshop...

This workshop is all about confronting your fears and pain-body, most of which is deeply rooted in your subconscious. 

Emotional pain and baggage will come up, be at peace with it, do not push the negatives feeling down.

Allow you triggers to surface, but do not allow them to take control. 

The purpose of this course is for the orphaned parts of you to come to surface so they can be understood the released. 

Expect to spend about 15-45 minutes per day working through the journal prompts, videos and guided mediations. 

At the end of this course, you'll have a deeper understanding of yourself and your pain. You will be able to control your fears and Little Darkness instead of them controlling you. 


*This workshop does not expire.