Live with Intention

I empower women to connect to their intuition and become their own healers. Together, we remove any blocks or limiting beliefs, creating your Soul’s path to authenticity and purpose.

How i can help

Anything is possible when you have the clarity and support to make it happen.

I am not here to heal you or fix you. I am here to hold a space for you while to reactivate the healer within. I firmly believe everyone has the power to heal themselves and it is this wisdom that I take into each session.

My work is devoted to guiding you back to your authentic self so you can live with intention and thrive.

Whether you choose a single session or a long term program, the work we do together will lay the foundation for your transformation.

Our time together begins with a questionnaire to evaluate where you are now in your life, and exactly where you would like to go and what you would like to achieve and expand.

Each session is designed based on your individual needs and provides a secure space for you to truly open up and establish your goals.

Together, we can create critical energetic shifts and open up portals to new experiences as I help you to your next level of expansion. Even just an hour has the ability to change your life. We’ll work together to talk about your goals, values, life purpose or anywhere you feel stuck. You’ll end the call with a plan for how to move forward and a better understanding of yourself. 

Working with me is ideal for you if:

  • You want to break old patterns and remove limiting beliefs

  • You feel overwhelmed by past experiences, thoughts and regrets

  • You struggle with low self-worth, body issues, anxiety, negative habits and addiction.  

  • You want to see yourself better and understand what blocks you from transformation.

  • You’re ready to connect with your purpose and create a healthy and happy life.

  • You feel stuck in your current career, relationship, or life in general.

  • If you’ve tried your damndest for over a year and feel you may need some extra help to break out of that pattern.

Everyone has intuitive gifts. As I help you remove blocks, false perceptions and obtain clarity on the areas of life you wish to expand, I will also teach you how to access your inner guidance system, so you are able to leave each session with new tools and lessons you can use in daily life. Our inner truth is our most honest guide.

My goal here is not to create spiritual codependency, but rather ignite the power within you, so you can move forward and always have access to the healer within.

“I recently had a session with Chelsea that was so transformative and vital for this time in my life. Chelsea is extremely kind, easy to talk to, and truly has a welcoming nature that instantly makes you feel at home. She was open to listening and interpreting all of the areas in life I wanted to focus on and provided helpful and useful tips/ tools for me manifest abundance and create the life that I’ve always desired. She was able to provide specific feedback for questions and confusion I had and helped me establish a “game plan” for moving forward. My heart, mind, and spirit felt so warm and happy after our conversation! Immediately following our session, I began implementing the tools she recommended and I can’t wait believe how powerful and helpful they’ve been! I have already begun to notice a huge shift in my internal energy and the energy that surrounds me! Things are starting to fall into place and I’m so excited to book my next session with Chelsea soon! She is truly one of a kind.”
-Emily Mearns
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Shifted - 8 week mentorship

Are you ready to create a powerful shift?

SHIFTED is an 8-week mentorship program designed to help you gain clarity, level up and become your own healer as we focus on which ever aspects of your life you feel you need the most help with.

Over the course of 8 weeks, I help you navigate any area of you life that you are wanting to create powerful changes in. We’ll work together to talk about your goals, values, life purpose or anywhere you feel stuck. Together, we will break patterns and shift dynamics so you can level up your life and truly begin thriving.

This mentorship is designed for long term changes and is all about creating energetic shifts that make you feel unstoppable.

While I work with every client in a unique way, this is an outline of what you might expect in terms of commitment and output or practical work.  

8 week program includes

  • 8 one-on-one video calls (45-55mins each session)

  • Uncover blocks and limiting beliefs

  • Create goals with actionable steps

  • Connection to purpose and passion

  • Weekly spiritual homework and resources

  • $1,800 investment with $100 deposit upon signing mentorship agreement

  • Recorded videos of sessions each week and unlimited access to me during this time

Book a free 15-minute consultation to work out the details and see if this program is the right fit for you.