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Private Yoga Sessions

One-on-one time with a yoga instructor is an incredible way to progress deeper on your own yoga journey. A private practice can work to benefit you in many different ways.

If you are looking to further your practice, would like help creating a home practice, want some advice around an injury or just simply want to deepen your knowledge of yoga then private yoga lessons are for you!

If you are in the Newcastle, NSW area and have further questions regarding pricing or would like to set up a time, please don't hesitate to contact me.

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My Yoga Journey…

I first came to yoga in 2010 with the sole intention of getting a nice sweaty workout. At the time, I was in art school studying photography in Los Angeles, on the metaphorical cliff of my own awakening, unsure if I should jump or not.  Struggling with body image, I wanted a different body and thought yoga could give me that. Luckily, what I got instead was a different frame of mind and a way to unconditionally love this vessel of mine through my yoga practice. The moment I stepped on the mat all those years ago, my life was forever changed in a cosmic game of the domino effect. And for that I am grateful.

My goal as a yoga instructor is to spread love and healing through my own experiences, light and dark. Yoga has the ability to help you understand yourself and transform yourself. It’s hard work but it’s beautiful work at that. 

Yoga does not just change the way we see things, it changes the person who sees.